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   This videogame has been developed by the Project TRIBE
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TRIBE videogame ready! Prepare to save the planet from climate change

20 - November - 2017

Changing the way people behave in buildings will be your secret weapon to defeat the “apocalypsometer”. The game reveals over 250 ways of reducing a building's energy consumption, which range from switching off lights to buying more efficient electric devices.

TRIBE is an educational videogame where the aim is to improve the way people use energy in public buildings. The ultimate goal is to save the planet from the growing threat of climate change and pollution.

The videogame is now available to be downloaded free for Android and Apple, and full information can be found on this website or on social networks. 

The aim of this mobile app is to reduce the amount of energy buildings consume and their CO2 emissions using a variety of methods. You will be able to control all of the building's consumption outputs, including lighting, heating and ventilation, which you can turn on or off at will, or replace with more efficient systems. There will also be a list of 250 energy efficiency measures for you to apply in your buildings.

But to achieve that mission, you will have to overcome the toughest challenge of all: getting the users of the building to take on a more responsible behaviour, without compromising their thermal comfort or well-being.

By applying these measures, you get to see their impact, both on the mood of the building's users and on your budget. After all, saving energy means saving money. As users become more efficient, you will be able to access new systems, energy saving methods, buildings and more.

The “apocalypsometer” will let you know how successful your mission to improve the building's efficiency is proving. This indicator will tell you whether the measures you are applying are working or not, allowing you to change your tack before “Doomsday” comes.

With this, the videogame intends to raise awareness about the importance of using energy efficiently and to show players that their own everyday actions can affect a building's energy behaviour. One of the most noteworthy things about the game is that you will be interacting with real data, since the simulation is based on a vast monitoring campaign carried out in real buildings.


The TRIBE game is one of several fruits from the TRIBE research project, financed by the European Commission (G.A. 649770). The project seeks to improve energy efficiency in public buildings by changing the energy behaviour of its users.


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