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   This videogame has been developed by the Project TRIBE
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The videogame story is taking shape!

06 - September - 2017

In the TRIBE game, the player takes the role of an energy consultant but what begins as just doing a regular job, soon turns into a quest to save the entire world as the player progresses from one pilot to another. The player will discover that the issues of behavioural change for sustainable behaviour are rooted in something far more sinister than sub-optimal habits.

The game will start with an initial dialogue, presenting the player to the basic story as well as the first reference pilot and some brief first tasks. These tasks present how the player navigates the game as well as the interaction with things on the screen.

During this introduction, the two main resources of the game, money and satisfaction points, are presented. Money and satisfaction are generated during the interaction between the avatars in the game with the devices of the pilot, depending on the interaction and how energy efficient it is. Resources are also gathered in larger chunks depending on positively altered simulation compared to the baseline with a time step of a month as well as smaller chunks when the player himself interacts with devices to increase efficiency (for instance turn off a light in an empty room). All this is done in an explorative mode where the player can slide between various rooms of the pilot.

Gaining resources involves that the player can eventually perform further measures using money for the purchase of devices and elements and satisfaction to increase avatars well-being efficiency behaviour.

Initially, the player only have access to a limited portion of a pilot and the avatars residing there. The avatars that the player have access to, meaning that they can directly improve their energy efficiency, are considered part of the tribe. Avatars that are not yet part of the tribe are considered “wild” and need to be tamed by the player though a battle system which take the shape of a discussion about energy efficiency between the player and the wild avatar. This requires some knowledge about energy efficiency from the player, as well as having access to avatars in the tribe that are energy efficient.

Clickable objects are displayed with interaction icons. Interactions include direct manipulations, e.g. turning a lamp that was left on or applying energy measurements.

 Turning off some equipment with direct manipulations can save energy but potentially may also cause bad-will if you disrupt an activity for the in game characters.

When applying the energy efficiency measure you will need to have the right amount of money and goodwill to be able to implement it. In some cases, you will also need to apply previously other EE measures before another one becomes available. There are also EE measures that, when selected, will exclude other ones.



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