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   This videogame has been developed by the Project TRIBE
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More functionalities available

07 - September - 2017

The game developers have released new images of the main functionalities that will be included in TRIBE’s control panel. In this draft, it is possible to see some of the options that players will find while playing TRIBE:


In-game resources

The in-game resources show how much the player has of the two available investment resources; money and comfort. These resources must be generated through interaction with the game world and invested wisely to achieve the level objectives in terms of carbon dioxide emission reductions. These resources are shown in the top-left of the screen.

View title

Each pilot is divided into viewpoints and each viewpoint displays an area of the pilot. Each viewpoint is given a name to help orientate throughout the pilot. The name of the current view is displayed on-screen in the top-middle.

In-game time

The virtual date and time is displayed to the top-right.

Comfort interface

A summary of the comfort level of the currently viewed area of the pilot is displayed just below the in-game resources. This interface component also functions as a button for opening a window of more details related to the comfort values, such as temperature and air quality, of the current view.

Energy interface

A summary of the energy consumption of the currently viewed area of the pilot is displayed just below the in-game time. Like the comfort interface, the energy interface also functions as a button for opening a more detailed view. This view shows the energy baseline of the pilot and how the player is fairing in relation to it. This interface also shows the progress towards the emission goals of the level.

Main view of the scene

The large center of the display shows the current viewpoint in the pilot. The player can swipe this to switch between available views as well as tap objects on the screen to interact with them. Such objects include devices for performing energy efficiency measures, buttons for switching on and off power nodes and harvesting resources.

Menu button

A button in the bottom-left of the displays opens and closes an in-game menu. This menu is used to return to the main menu and change game settings.

View guide

A visualisation of the player’s current viewpoint and its relation to surrounding, available viewpoints is displayed in the center-bottom of the screen.

Narrative summary button

A button in the bottom-right of the screen opens an interface for keeping track of the current in-game narratives. This interface is designed around the metaphor of an email inbox.

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