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   This videogame has been developed by the Project TRIBE
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First designs of the TRIBE world!

05 - September - 2017

TRIBE developers have released the first graphic images of the videogame components: the pilots and their users. After several months monitoring and analyzing the real pilots, in terms of energy behavior of both buildings and users, all the information was ready to create the 3D models. This way the buildings already have their graphic representation within TRIBE, including the most relevant elements that will be part of the videogame (rooms, electronic devices, cooling machines…)

In addition to these buildings, the surroundings and other near elements have been also incorporated to create a more realistic environment. 


Regarding the users, the 3D modelling process is ongoing and soon the characters will be finished. One the one hand there will be characters that introduce the game, representing the evolution from the ancient tribes to the current civilization. On the other hand, specific actors have been developed to be part of the videogame, according to the general graphics of the pilots.



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