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   This videogame has been developed by the Project TRIBE
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How to play

In TRIBE Play it! you can contribute to minimize the environmental impact of the cities by reducing the carbon emmissions and the energy consumptions of your buildings.

You will play de role of an energy consultant in order to change the behaviour of the people that work, visit and use public buildings. This way you will be in charge of how these avatars use the electric devices and climatic equipment, as well as of the selection and improvement of this tools, and the implementation of energy measures. But beware! You will have to do all these without compromising the comfort of the users, so as to keep them healthy and happy.

The more energy you save, the more rewards you will receive, and the more money you won’t spend. This way you will have access to new equipment, facilities and other possibilities.

You will be able to learn a lot about your energy behaviour and make others learn it too! TRIBE is based on real data collections, advanced energy simulations and social studies in order to have the most realistic simulation while still being a fun and accessible mobile game.

First steps

Playing TRIBE is very easy! In the main interface, you will have the basic information about your management of the building:

Diamond icon

Initially you will have 500 diamonds, which will help you to access to new equipment, improve the energy efficiency of devices, etc. While you play, more diamonds will automatically show up, but you have to pay attention because they will only be available for a short period.

Money will help you to improve the energy efficiency of the equipment, install energy efficiency measures or to buy new devices. The more energy you save the more money you will receive, and more options for having fun you will have!



The energy counter reveals the energy consumption of both the room and the whole building. It also shows all the equipment installed in the room that are consuming energy. This way you will know on which of them to act / upgrade.

Some measures can be installed at building level. Here you will have information about then and once you have the necessary money and diamonds you will be able to install them.



This tool shows how much carbon dioxide is released from electrical and gas consumption respectively. It allows you to switch between different time scales to inspect emissions during a day, a week, month, year and the full period of the game’s simulation. The apocalypsometer also shows the current achieved energy savings as well as a brief insight in what type of future scenario the world is heading towards given the current savings.

If simulation time runs out before you can reduce the carbon dioxide emissions enough, the game presents a dire future and you will have to try to save the planet again. However if you are able to reach sufficient savings, you will be rewarded with a victory state and will be prepared to launch the next episode once it is released.

Device interface

By tapping a device, a new interface will show up showing its specific characteristics:

  • The name of the device.
  • Its power.
  • Its Energy efficiency: Energy efficiency ranges from F (Red), to A+++ (Green), representing a very bad energy efficiency behaviour and a very good energy behaviour respectively.
  • Energy efficiency measures that can be applied and their associated cost.
  • Other kind of measures that can be applied to improve the performance of the device.

how to play

Avatar interface

You can tap on an avatar to display its information:

  • Preferred temperature.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Satisfaction.
  • Knowledge.
  • Attitude.
  • Energy Efficiency measures.

how to play

Room energy panel

A summary of the energy consumption of the currently viewed area of the pilot is displayed just below the in-game time. Like the comfort interface, the energy interface also functions as a button for opening a more detailed view.

This view shows the energy baseline of the pilot and how the player is faring in relation to it. This interface also shows the progress towards the emission goals of the level.

With this panel, you will be able to know where most of the energy is being consumed and which elements can be turned off or improved.

how to play

Comfort panel

A summary of the comfort level of the currently viewed area of the pilot is displayed just below the in-game resources.

This interface component also functions as a button for opening a window of more details related to the comfort values, such as temperature and air quality, of the current view.

how to play

TRIBE energy battle interface

To unlock new viewpoints and thereby gain access to new points for applying energy efficiency measures the player must recruit new avatars for their tribe.

This is done by challenging an avatar to an energy efficiency battle. This is triggered by the player selecting an avatar and choosing the option to challenge it.

This will cause the game to enter an energy battle scene in which the player must answer energy efficiency-related quizzes. If the player performs well, the battle is won and the game returns to the main scene for the game.

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